Norza is the northern of the twin kingdoms, with the capital, Castle Winheim, resting in the very center, atop a stop platform built on The Silent Pool. Norza is a cold, fairly inhospitable land, with rocky hills, stretches of barren desert/tundra, and a fair number of gaping chasms dotting the countryside. Like it’s twin, Surza, Norza slopes gently upward from the black beaches which surround the entirety of the twin kingdoms, a subtle remnant of The Shunning. Castle Winheim, therefore, lies at the very peak of Norza, and from it’s towers, you can purvey a majority of the land belonging to Norza.

Norza is the native land of the dwarves, giants, and dragonborn, as well as home to the creators of the first warforged, although many have been created since by both kingdoms. Norza is rich in iron and other metals, and until Mid’s creation, Surza was without any long-term, reliable source of metal.

They say the kingdom of Norza was built on the shoulders on dwarves, although if you spend much time anywhere but the capital, you will hear another saying, ”...built on the shoulders of slaves.” Norza has long been a land with brutal struggles, and long ago in it’s history, the dwarven people of the land rose up against the frequent hordes of goblinoids once and for all.

The war lasted only a few years, due to the timely creation of the warforged, and before long, almost all of the goblinoids of Norza were dead or sold into slavery, working to build the country that now exists.

Mining is the work that the countries economy revolves around, more so once trade with Surza was allowed via Mid. There are a great number of towns all over the country sitting on top of mines which are run by the townships. Slave labor and low-caste citizens are almost exclusively used for mining purposes, as this work has proven to be very dangerous. Even the most shallow mines are subject to horrible collapses and other disasters due to the tremors and other unseen forces occuring in Norza. Shallow mines are the only type allowed in the current age, as many sinkholes and ghost-towns dot the countryside as well, a testament to the dangers below ground.


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